Dear users,

As it is important to us that you feel secure and in good hands when you visit our website, we would like to offer you the following information regarding how we use your data.

Automatically Saved User Data

The protection of your privacy is extremely important to us. Our web content is therefore designed fundamentally so that it can be used anonymously. This website transfers requested web content to your IP-address. An IP-address is a personal data. So your IP-Address is only used for requested web content transfer and will not be saved. For statistical reasons and to detect errors your IP-address will be anonymized and stored in a log file along with access date and time for three months. To these anonymized information may it will be added the requested URL, the referrer URL, an error code, the used browser and operation system.

Personal Details

Details that you provide when contacting us will only be used to deal with your enquiry. Your data will not be shared with third parties. After one year the data will be erased.

Your Rights as a User

As a user, you have the right to request information regarding which data we have saved about you and for what purpose it has been saved. Furthermore, you may correct incorrect data or have such data deleted if saving it is prohibited or no longer required. We will be pleased to assist you, should you require any further information, or have any requests or suggestions on the topic of privacy.